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AnytimeValea Putnei

All the information about trails and objectives will be offered at the chalet. During your hikes you will be able to get to the Centennial Woods (Codrii Seculari) in the Giumalău Mountains, Rarău or Mestecăniș. The trails can be made by foot or by bike, according to your preferences.
Here are just a few reasons to choose a hike in the nearby:
- you will be able to gather seasonal fruits
- you can find mushrooms
- you can choose an off road trip; optionally, you will be able to have lunch at a sheepfold (the booking should be done with 2 weeks before).

Smoked trout and cobza lessons

AnytimeBio Valeputna

Available if you book the entire vila


AnytimeValea Putnei & Sadova

● If you’re wondering how the unique painted eggs are made, you can take some lessons under the guidance of a talented lady from Valea Putnei.
● Are you amazed by the beauty of the weaved wool carpets? If you want to find out how they’re made, we are able to offer you the possibility to take some lessons. Under the guidance of a weaver from Sadova, you will learn how the thread is made, details about weaving and how the beautiful carpets are made.
● Were you impressed by the beautiful embroidered elements in the chalet? You can learn together with a lady for which the passed years mean just more experience in this craft, how to embroider a traditional „ie”, a napkin or a table linen.