The guests that arrive at Bio Valeputna must know that is a self-catering chalet. Tourists will have a fully equipped kitchen at their disposal and a wide dining space at the top floor. In the courtyard of the chalet, the barbecue offers to the guests the possibility to cook their favorite meals as they please.
For an additional fee, the guests of Bio Valeputna will also be able to enjoy the local cuisine or their favorite menus. If you wish to serve certain dishes, you will have to mention this at least one week before your stay.

Smoked trout

The locals of the mountain villages have developed a true tradition of smoked trout. This method is used to conserve the meat of this fish, and the result is very tasty.
The recipe from this region is unique because of the wood chips mix made by beechwood, pine cones and juniper berries. This flavors ennobles the trout putting it in the real unique products sphere.
Valeputna takes further this tradition, as a tribute to the first trout stream from Romania, founded here in 1896.

Trout Cobza

Here in Valea Putnei was invented the local delicacy named Cobza: smoked trout made with beechwood, covered with fir branches and walnut twigs. Besides of the fact that it’s a traditional way to prepare the trout, cobza has also a history behind it. The story tells that cobza was invented in 1927 for the Royal Castel from Poiana Itcani (in Valea Putnei), upon the coronation party of King Mihai.

Other dishes

Trout with cream, trout soup, trout baked in the oven, fried trout with garlic sauce and polenta are some of the local delicacy you can try at Bio Valeputna.
Would you like a lunch on a shepherd hut or other local dishes? Check out the activities list of Bio Valeputna for more details!